How to build a marine fridge.

After listening to the old fridge hum and hum and hum it became clear that action was needed.  I replaced the old unit with a Nova Kool unit in a custom made top load box.

When I first ripped out the old fridge the space seemed huge,  but after 4" of insulation all round and 6' on the bottom for good luck the space got small in a hurry.

I'm down to about 6.5 cubic feet now....guess I'll just have to live with it.


The order of construction from outside to inside was

1)  vapour barrier on the outside

2)  1/2 inch reflective air bubble insulation ( like what they use on heat/ ac ducts ) R5 value.

3)  3 1/2 inches of high density foam ( R 5 per inch ) 6" on the bottom

4)  I used spray foam to fill in any gaps between the corners of the insulation.

5)  A white liner made of 1/4" acrylic ( plexy glass to us none plastic guys ) which is easy to cut and glue.  Measured 3 times cut once...

If you are wondering what the blue is on the inside of the liner, it is a protective plastic covering from the factory.


Next I installed the cooling plates in the fridge and ran the freon tubing under the floor and into the bottom of the hanging locker.

I used the Nova Kool F3 unit which allows the two plates to be 18" apart,  and just by luck the sides are 18" apart :-)

According to the manual this unit should be big enough to freeze everything in the box if I crank it up. 



By some miracle the space between the floor and the bottom of the hanging locker is just high enough to fit the compressor. :-) but for proper ventilation I

may need a extra fan...we will soon know. I'm hoping to draw cool air from the bilge through a 4" hole I cut in the bottom of the locker and blow

 it through the cooling unit and up into the hanging locker which already is well vented in the Endeavour 37 "A" plan..


Now I need some 12 volt battery power to run the now to the battery and electronics upgrade page

A bit of tidy up and a insulated lid and we just might be ready for spring. :-)


A new counter top will have to go on the 2011 to do list. 

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