Magic Moments

2011 Ship's Log to North Channel / Bustard Island group / Collins Inlet

Our cruise this year included 2 other boats from the Thames River Yacht Club.  Fred & Lori aboard "Free Spirit" a CS 36 M  and

Commodore Rob on his CS36T CaRob'een  Cruisin' with Paul from MZ Tumbleweed as crew.


July 9, 2011

TRYC to Sarnia YC

Distance Traveled  51 miles

   Fred has us up and away at 6:30 am  on a hot sunny day with no wind.  So we are motoring at about 6 knots and working on our skin cancer.

   Our 3 weeks to heaven has begun.

July 10, 2011

Sarnia YC - Club Island

Distance Traveled  165 miles

   Off for our non stop run north to Club Island. Again no wind, just flies, but not as cold as in 2009.   The night was un-event full,  we all have auto-helm and we just have to make sure we don't run into each other. At 8:00 am we are in the Devil's Channel and after a photo cruise by Flower Pot Is. we are heading north to Club Island where we anchored at about 11:30 am on July 11.  I think this was Fred & Lori's first overnight trip.  Each boat did their own watch schedule, but we all agreed to keep the 2-ways on and handy.  Like in 2009 we didn't see anyone out here but us. Although 165 miles is not far, I'm amazed how many sailors have never done a long distance over night trip.
July 12, 2011

Club Is - Britt Ontario

Distance Traveled   45 miles

    8:00 am and we are heading East for Britt.  A bit of wind from the North and we are sailing,  but not fast, the crew is playing with bubbles.  The wind picked up as we neared shore and we sailed the last few miles. Arrived at Wright's marina in Britt at 3:45 pm and managed to put 101 litres in the diesel tank.   This is a great place,  they leave the keys in a car for boaters to use.  Free Wi-fi.
July 13, 2011

Britt - Bustard Islands    Strawberry Island

Distance Traveled  14 miles

   A lazy start for today as we didn't leave the dock till 10:45.  A bit windy but we are motoring north in the inside passage.  To say that navigation in this area is tense would be an understatement.  There are rocks everywhere. Some are painted red or green as markers, some have markers mounted on them, some are just to scare you, but thanks to the Admiral who kept track of the markers, gave mostly clear directions, we missed the rocks and didn't embarrass ourselves. ( for the record "turn at the rock" is not a clear instruction).  Yup I was tense!   But once again the Garmin lead the way and by 3:00 we are anchored between Strawberry and Tie Islands.  The scenery we passed was amazing!  The depth at Rogers Gut was close!!  We spent the rest of the day exploring with the dinghies and all the next day here as well.                             Really beautiful.  Link to photos
July 15, 2011

Strawberry Island - Beaverstone Bay  Burnt Island

Distance Traveled   20 miles

   Today we are off to Beaverstone  Bay, no wind, again, but we can see the Cloche Mountain to our North.  Easy channel to follow and by 12:40 we are anchored off Burnt Island.  Lunch and then dinghy to shore and explore.
July 16, 2011

Beaverstone Bay - Mill Lake

Distance Traveled  8 miles

   After breakfast we decided to move to Mill Lake , and were we glad, amazing photos here, Paul and Rob caught some fish, we explored a little creek and was it pretty.  Link to photos  Lori picked blue berries.

July 17, 2011

Mill Lake - Covered Portage Cove

Distance Traveled  16.5 miles

   Today we are motoring through Collin's Inlet,  this fiord like waterway is rock on both sides almost vertical and taller than our masts.  Motoring the 7 miles through  this narrow fiord was beautiful, the Admiral took lots of photos and it was a "oh wow" moment. Once through it's just a few miles to Kilarney and about 2 miles north to Covered Portage Cove.  Like tourists we climbed the cliff and took pictures of our boats.  Decided to have a lazy day here. For supper we took the dinghy into Kilarney for the famous Herbert's fish and chips.

July 19, 2011

Covered Portage Cove - Little Current

Distance Traveled 20 miles

   Off to Little Current!  Hot Showers, groceries, ice cream,  wi-fi.  and a pump out.   

July 20, 2011

Little Current - Benjamin Island

Distance Traveled  17 miles

   Today is overcast and hazy,  but we made it to the anchorage on the north side of South Benjamin Island by noon.  This is our first visit to Benjamin as last year we stayed at Croker Is, as there was no room,  We are sure glad we tried again. We bbq'd and hiked, picked blueberries, and managed to spend the afternoon and the next day doing nothing. This is truly beautiful country.
July 22, 2011

Benjamin Island - Little Current

Distance Traveled  17 miles

   Off at 8:15 and officially past the half way point.  A quick stop in Little Current for groceries, and a hot shower, we like the town docks as they don't charge you if you don't spend the night, then on to Heywood.
July 22, 2011

Little Current - Heywood Island

Distance Traveled 10 miles

   Arrived at the anchorage in the bay on the north side of Heywood Island at 4:00 pm.  The water was warm enough for a swim.  Forecast has some wind for tonight so I set a second anchor, glad I did as it blew for a bit during the night.  We had the anchor alarm set and didn't budge.  The windlass is really earning it's keep, the drum works great on the second anchor's rode, and hauls the main anchor chain as well.  A wash down fitting to clean things up will be on my list for next year,  mud, yuck.
July 24, 2011

Heywood Island - Club Island

Distance Traveled   30 miles

   After a windy night we motored into 15 knot winds gusting to 20 from the east on our way to Club Island.  Once we passed the Badgley Is. Light and could turn south, we unfurled the genoa and we motor sailed to Club Island.  By 1:00 pm we were anchored in the harbour at Club Island.  What a perfect harbour for a sailor,  easy entrance, good holding, and no one around.  Rested and read for the afternoon.  We even had HD TV tonight.
July 25, 2011

Club Island - Tobermory  Little Tub Harbour

Distance Traveled 20 miles

   Today we are off to Tobermory,  for some reason every time we are heading south to Little Tub we get a really good sail.  Today we have a beam reach in 15 knot wind,  it doesn't get any better than this, the knot meter had 7.6 knots and surged to 8 plus in the waves.  The two CS36's have much faster PHRF ratings than Magic Moments but we left them in the dust :-) , what a ride.  Got to Little Tub in time to get next to the wall,  Tobermory has a policy of never turning a boat away in a storm.  So if you if you are late you raft off a fishing boat.  Hot showers, food, wi-fi., chocolate, pizza,  Ahhh the good life.
July 26, 2011

Tobermory - Port Elgin Ontario

Distance Traveled    55 miles

    A smarter person would have turned around this morning,  wind from the north at 25 knots gusting to 30+, but we figured that once we got past Cove Island and headed south with the wind and waves it would settle down.  To say that we had good sized waves would be modest.  Once clear of Cape Hurd we unfurled the Genoa about half way and rode the waves south to Port Elgin. These were big waves, the fetch across 100 miles of open water was quite impressive, but going with them the boats handled things better than the crews.  The only issue was finding the entrance to the harbour in the waves, but once again the Garmin was spot on.  To make the motion worse the Joker valve on our head ( toilet for the land lubbers)  failed,  and the bathroom odour was not helping. ( You can bet I have a spare on board now)  Once at the dock we could watch other boats arrive from the storm and I thought two ladies on a power boat would kiss the ground.  They were not happy campers. Free Wi-fi so we checked our e-mails.


July 27, 2011

Port Elgin  - Bayfield

Distance Traveled   65.5 miles

   The lake is calm today and we are motoring again,  a bit lumpy after yesterday, but by 10:00 am it is calm and flat as we motored past Goderich.  We arrived at Bayfield at 5:15 and walked ashore for a meal.

July 28, 2011

Bayfield - Sarnia YC

Distance Traveled   46 miles

   Slept in and didn't leave till 9:30 am.  Motored all the way to Sarnia in flat water with no wind.  The temperature is hot,  apparently we have missed a brutal heat wave.  At Sarnia YC we took advantage of shore power to use the air conditioning.  We celebrated the last day of vacation by dinning out.

July 29, 2011

Sarnia YC - TRYC

Distance Traveled  51 miles

   On our way home, man is it hot, no wind,  but we are at TRYC by 4:30 and couldn't get the car's AC on fast enough.
    The trip  totals are 654 miles and we put 110 hours on the diesel.  Next year ??

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