2012 Project

My main objective is to lift the engine and replace the rear crank shaft seal on the Perkins 4.108 .  I decided that if the engine was up and moved forward that I would replace the motor mounts, stuffing box hose, cutlass bearing, and check the prop for balance. 

My makeshift lifting system,  I used turnbuckles to lift and old fridge castors on a steel frame to roll it forward.

Looking forward at my lifting system.

Rear view of the Perkins 4.108    Note to Admiral...see the boot trays under the motor, less clean up..   :-)

I laid some FRP to extend the drip pan,  the work light kept the mix warm enough to cure. 


Hear you can see that the extension to the drip pan now reaches the rear of the transmission.  The "drive saver" is installed as well.


Engine sitting on new motor mounts.

New hose with marine green stripe ! 

 Below is a shot were you can see the K&N air filter installed.  It does seem to reduce noise.

Things are back together now and I spent too much time in the "dungeon"  but I am happy with the job.  Maybe next year I'll install better sound proofing.

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