2012   SV-Magic Moments heads to Blind River, Ontario

And the beautiful Turnbull Islands and North Channel

July 7, 2012 TRYC - Sarnia Bay Marina  
Left TRYC at 7:15 A.M. and motor sailed in light wind for the St Clair River Mark R30 .  At about 11:50 am we are even with the Walpole Island ferry dock.  After a un-eventful afternoon motoring against the river's current we arrive at the Sarnia Bay Marina at about 7:30.


July 8, 2012 Weathered in  
The wind is strong from the north,  we're going nowhere today. Nap time.

July 9th + 10th ,  2012

Sarnia Bay Marina - Alpena Michigan

Departed at 8:05 am this morning and throttle down into the St Clair river's strong current under the Blue Water Bridge.  The current is really moving here!  After about another mile north of the bridge and into Lake Huron we are clear of the current.  The weather is clear and the wind is calm, so the Perkins is throbbing away at about 1900 RPM. pushing us along at a easy 6.2 knots

1:00 pm  We are about 4 miles South East of the Port Sanilac Light and we unroll the Genoa and get the boat speed up to 6.8 at times.

3:00 pm  The wind is light but we are motor sailing along 6.0 to 6.2 knots.

5:00 pm   As we pass Harbour Beach  I decide that as the weather forecast is for a calm evening I can continue North for Ricketts Harbour on Cockburn Island.  As the night continued the wind clocked around to the North . The wind is about 5 knots on the nose.

6:00 pm  The wind has picked up a bit and is blowing from the North at 15 - 20 knots, but the forecast is for calm so I am still heading North but I have slowed down to 4 knots to ease the boat's motion.

10:30 pm  The wind has died down 10 knots and we are motoring into a bit of a chop but boat speed is up to 5.8 knots.

12:30AM  Wind has increased to 15 knots on the nose and we slowed down to about 4 knots again.  At this speed it will be 3:00 pm before we get there.  The night is cold and dark but I only see one ship and no boats all night.  The auto helm is doing all the work and I just keep watch and trade with Bernice every hour or so depending on who's asleep.  Our rule is "when alone" safety harness must be clipped on.

7:00 am   After a cold night with slower than planned speed we decide to make a left turn and head into Alpena Michigan which is only 20 miles west and a easy beam reach.

12:00 noon  Arrived at the town docks in Alpena Michigan and after clearing US Customs I had a bit of a nap.  Woke up and explored the town a bit,  grocery store is very close to the marina.


July 11th 2012

Alpena  -  Presque Isle Michigan

37 miles

8:00 am  Left Alpena under clear sunny skies.  Because we are in the USA we decided to stop at Presque Isle.  I have heard a lot of cool things about this harbour so might as well drop in. 

12:30  Lunch in the cockpit under bright sun,  Vacation is officially started.

1:00  Auto is on, nothing in sight so I put my new laser thermometer to work testing the engine and transmission temperatures.  All is well, trans temp is 130*F and engine is 160*F ,  well within specs.

2:15 pm  Docked at Presque Isle state park docks.  After checking in we walked to explore to old lighthouse.    Link to photos



July 12th, 2012

Presque Isle  -  Meldrum Bay Ontario

48 miles today
7:15 am  We motored off with little wind towards Meldrum Bay.

8:30 am  Motoring at 6.1 Knots on flat water, heading 23*

11:50 am  We are 5.6 miles South of JT1 buoy the entrance to the Mississagi Strait.

3:00 pm  Docked at Meldrum Bay,  NO power, NO pump out.  After clearing Canadian Customs, we took 5 minutes to explore the village,  not much here,  but pretty country side.


July 13th, 2012

Meldrum Bay  -  Vidal Bay

12 miles today

9:45 am   Lazy start today,  an easy putt-putt to Vidal Bay.

12:05 pm   Anchored in 18 feet of water with 90 feet of chain in the South end of Vidal Bay.  There is a pretty creek here and a nice sandy bottom.  Very clear water, I can see the bottom.  We spent the afternoon in the dinghy, and walking the beach.  Link to photos

I have run the engine 56 hours now and I'm really happy with my winter repairs to the real seal.  The drop cloth is dry!!  NO oil drips :-)  and not enough oil used to even think about adding any.  I am a happy camper.

Calm night on the anchor.


July 14th, 2012

Vidal Bay  -  Blind River

12 miles today

8:35 am  Heading North at a easy 5.9 knots. 

11:45 am  Arrived at the Blind River town docks.  The entrance was a bit shallow but nice and easy, with a cautious eye on the depth sounder and chart I got us safely docked.  Our diesel fuel is good but we got the first pump out of the vacation.

Walked to the grocery store for some exercise and to stock up the fridge.  Link to photos


July 15th, 2012

Blind River  -  Turnbull Islands

10 miles today

8:30 am   Depart Blind River.  Motoring South East and East toward the Turnbull Islands.  Very nice scenery.

10:30   Anchor down in the bay.  Launched the dinghy to explore.  I have only scheduled one night here,  this area is on the " must go back " list. 

July 16th, 2012

Turnbull Islands  -  John Island, Moiles Harbour

12 miles today

9:00 am  Wishing we could stay, we are off to Moiles Harbour.

10:00 am  Traveling through the Whalesback Channel....Wow, what pretty country.

11:30 am  Anchored in Moiles Harbour.  We used caution here as there are some dead heads and old pilings in the bay.  But the water is so clear you can see them.  We launched the dinghy and explored.  Again what scenery!    Link to photos


July 17th + 18th, 2012

Moiles Harbour  -  Benjamin Islands

22 miles today

8:15 am  Anchor up and off.  We are planning to stop at Spanish for gas for  the outboard and to check things out for next year.

9:45 am  We anchor at the entrance channel into Spanish Ontario after a soft grounding in sandy mud at the first set of markers.  The channel is not deep enough for our 4'6" draft, so I am taking the dinghy into Spanish for some gas for the outboard and to mail Grandma's letters.

11:00 am   Anchor up and off to the Benjamin's

12:00  I'm SAILING !!

1:30 pm  Anchor down in the bay on the North side of South Benjamin Island...This is home for two days.

We dinghy ashore, explore, pick some blue berries. Took lots of pictures, loafed around.  Link to photos

Quiet night at anchor,  amazing sunset, we could stay here for a long time.

July 18th   During the evening and over night the wind picked up to 15+ knots.  I'm glad I've got 120 feet of chain and a 20KG Bruce that is well dug in,  we're going no where.  During our first trip in 2009 we found

hauling in the heavy anchor chain and anchor too much work so we added this little beauty and now anchoring is a breeze. 


July 19th, 2012

Benjamin Is  -  Little Current

16 miles today

9:00 am   We're off for a easy motor to Little Current.  I decide to go on the south side of Amedroz Island in hopes of catching a bit of breeze for sailing,  not much luck.

12 Noon   Arrived at the town of Little Current docks.  Always a favourite of boaters in this area. Nice docks, lots of dock helpers, and FREE Wi-Fi, Ice Cream on the docks, and the grocery store is close. 

 A hot shower with lots and lots of water.

  Ah what a life. We can sit on the boat and explain that we are not from Australia but flying the Canadian Blue Ensign.  Very few people know our flag history.


July 20th, 2012

Little Current  -  Heywood Is.

8 miles today

After sleeping in we got a pump out at Wally's dock service  and headed for Heywood Is. under clear skies and little wind.  As we passed Strawberry Island light house we took some great photos.  We anchored

 in the bay on the north side of Heywood Island  close to shore with a stern line to a tree.  After getting settled we took the dinghy to the beach. Link to photos  Someone has placed a picnic table along the shore. 


July 21st, 2012

Heywood Is.  -  Snug Harbour

7 miles today

9:00 am    Off to Snug Harbour,  only 7 miles and we are anxious to return to our first " oh wow " anchorage.  The entrance to Snug Harbour is a bit shallow but there is lot's of depth on the west side.  I however was too close to the center and managed to scuff the bottom and had to reverse out and try again.  No damage, just my pride was bruised.  ( I checked the bottom of the keel at haul out and not even a scratch )  Once inside there is 20 to 30 feet of depth.  Once anchored we took the dinghy  to shore and explored the area,  there is a marked trail that goes further than I could.  Really nice walk.

July 22nd, 2012

Snug Harbour  -  Little Tub Harbour


8:00 am  Anchor up and off,  motoring towards the Badgley light and then South towards Tobermory's Little Tub Harbour.  We had planned to stop at Club Island but the weather forecast is poor for tomorrow so we will head on to Little Tub and a real dock for the poor weather. 

1:30 pm  As always, the sail South to Little Tub is great.  Close hauled under full sail and rail down we are having a great time.

4:10  Arrived at the service dock in Little Tub.  The dockage is tight here, but we managed to wiggle in.

July 23rd, 2012  Strong winds from the South so we are staying put. Tomorrow will be North winds.  We took the time to explore the National Park visitor center.  Climbed the observation tower. 

Link to photos


July 24th, 2012

Tobermory  -  Kincardine

70 miles today

7:00  A early start today,  top off the diesel tank, and we're off, the wind has moved to the North West and there are nasty 3 to 5 foot waves for the westerly trip through the Devil's channel.  Once clear of Cape Hurd and heading South it is a easier ride.

11:00  The waves are better, the auto helm can steer now, and we are sailing with the Genoa 50% out.  This is a nice day compared to last year's rough passage in this area.

2:00 pm  Good speed, Genny all the way out.

6:00 pm  Arrived at Kincardine.  70 miles in 10.5 hours is not bad for a lazy cruiser.  Walked to the "Feed Lot" a local restaurant,  famous for their bacon burger.   



July 25th, 2012

Kincardine  -  Bayfield

41 miles today

6:00 am  Left in calm wind, motoring.

I sighted two " Pirate " ships on the horizon,  heading straight for us!!    As skipper I braced myself and gave the order " PREPARE TO REPEL BOARDERS"  ...the admiral was not amused.    They turned out to be the Pathfinder and the Playfair,  two of the Toronto Brigantine society's tall ships.  They sure made a sight as they headed North under full sail.    Link to photos

12:00 noon   Decided to divert to Bayfield as the forecast is for more 20 knot South winds this afternoon and we are ahead of schedule.

2:00 pm   Entered the Bayfield river entrance and tied up to the town of Bayfield's docks.

8:00 pm   Glad we decided to tuck ourselves in here as the weather has been rainy and several thunder storms have gone by.


July 26th, 2012

Bayfield  -  Sarnia Yacht Club

45 miles today

11:30 am  Lazy start today as it is raining, but we decided to leave as the sky was clearing.  Motoring into a nasty chop left over from a windy night.

About half way the wind shifted and we unfurled the Genoa and motor sailed a bit.  Missing most of the rain but the sky is grey all around us.

7:45  Arrived at the Sarnia Yacht Club and after tying up walked to a restaurant for a snack. 


July 27th, 2012

Sarnic YC  -  TRYC

55 miles today

8:00 am  After a pump out we are heading home.  Before cranking up the diesel I checked the oil and it is still ok,  what a improvement.  I thought I was burning oil but I was just dripping it into the drip pan under the engine. That was a mess!   At this rate I will only use about 1/2 litre of oil in 110 hours of running, pretty good for any engine, let alone a 1982 model.

12:00 noon   Motoring south with the current on the StClair River.  Our speed over the bottom is about 2 knots faster than the knot meter is reading.  GPS speed has us at 8.0 Knots.

Once we got to Lake StClair I raised the mainsail and under full sail we had a great sail for about 1 hour.  Two of our friends sailed out to meet us and all too soon vacation is over.

4:00 pm  Tied up to our dock -- after 121 engine hours and traveling over 650 miles we are home. 

Already planning for next year.  It would sure be nice to have the time to wait for fair winds and sail instead of motoring.


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