Just a update, I now am using OpenCPN an open source program that will use

 Canadian digital charts. 

 You can check out the OpenCPN website at http://opencpn.org/ocpn/  

  I like this program as there are frequent updates, it will display GRIB weather,

and many other features.



   SeaClear 11 is really great free navigation program.   http://www.sping.com/seaclear/index.htm  this program will work on your laptop and when you hook up

the NMEA signal from a gps it will act as a chart plotter at the nav station.  Also a really great route planning tool as well.

Did you know that you can download for free all the US navigation charts ??  both the raster scan and the ENC format are available for free download at



Below are some photos of my system in action.

Above photo shows me going to Port and the planned route was to Starboard.

Above photo shows the boat in the middle of Lake Huron.  The boat is a bit west of the planned route shown as the green line.  The boat's track is stored for future reference.

Above photo shows a screen view of of SeaClear 11 

Above photos shows the boat just North of Club Island.


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